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Piezoelectric sensors have proven their effectiveness for many years when it comes to measuring pressures or forces in connection with machine monitoring devices. The robust design, the solid-state non wearing measuring principle, the high degree of sensitivity and the ease in handling have made piezo force sensors the standard in metal working applications.

The SK-SUPERFLEX sensing probes are very easy to install into the industry standard sensing bores of 8 mm diameter. At the same time, they can be removed without damaging and re-inserted.

Unit of Measure



N/A Can be placed into any depth inside the bore by means of the special mounting tool Easy and quick to install Electrically and mechanically compatible to the industry standard Good protection against external damage High resolution High sensitivity Made from stainless steel Wide range of mounting accessories for a sealed or pluggable cable connection


N/A A special SUPERFLEX-Tool is available to position and to tighten the sensor in the correct way.