Machine Monitoring Solutions Providing Tool, Quality & Production Control

Digital process monitors measure the peak and total forming force used in each machine cycle to ensure part quality and tool protection on repeatable-process machines.

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N/A Catastrophic Tool Protection Downtime Analyzer Efficiency Timers Error Log with Time Stamp Immediate Learn In-Tool Force Monitoring Multiple Control Limits Multiple Counters Real-Time Clock RPM Indicator Sorting/Stop Relays Speed Monitoring

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N/A Bolt Makers Cold Formers Cold Headers Stamping Presses Thread Rollers


N/A Improve Machine Efficiency Protect Tooling Reduce Scrap & Sorting Save Money

Details for IMPAX 2000

N/A The Impax 2000 can be programmed to track a variety of different process inputs. When linked to a personal computer, running the Impax TSS-NET Software, realtime monitoring of multiple machines is possible. The software supports the collection of all necessary information through one system on the shop floor. The Impax 2000’s battery-backed, real time clock is capable of managing multiple time-based functions. The time management system, logs accumulated time in every mode of machine operation. It can be set up to organize downtime events and automatically track up to ninety-nine (99) independent, two-digit, down code entries. The Impax 2000 can archive and display all historical data by specific events, or as an accumulated downtime summary on a stand-alone basis. Using a patented adaptive learning technique, this microcomputer-based unit learns each station’s force profile as acceptable parts are first formed. The system monitors forming forces as the machine continues to run. If the forming forces change, the Impax 2000 stops the process immediately. Tolerances can be set to detect minor as well as major problems: smash ups, short feeds, faulty transfers, double feeds, and even some tool cracks, chips, and wear. Considerable savings can be attained from reductions in tool usage, machine downtime, and scrap production, as well as from improvements in machine efficiency and product quality. And since the Impax 2000 counts every part and stops the machine at a preset total, overruns are virtually eliminated.