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Hot Forging.

Red hot bar stock is automatically fed, cut and forged on modern hot forging machines. Special caution must be given during bar stock changes. Normally, the bar end pieces are being detected and dropped after cut-off. Occassionally, bar end pieces are accidentally formed into forgings and will not meet quality requirements.

Unit of Measure


Process Checking


The special SK process monitors designed for hot formers apply unique control procedures to ensure that bar end pieces are reliably detected so inventory is not contaminated. The SK System "double checks" the correct functioning of the machine's own bar-end detection system (e.g. ESA).

Additionally, each forging station is monitored using the latest enveloping techniques.


N/A Detects double forgings Prevents smash-ups Reduces Down Time Redundant ESA function Sorts out bad parts Speeds-up change overs Verifies bar stock changes


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