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Riser Logic Monitors use custom riser detector probes to detect and control rising and spiraling parts in thread rolling operations.

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IMPAX RLM: Easy Riser Detection for Thread Rollers

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Details for IMPAX RLM

N/A Also available in the RLM are optional counters for registering the number of good parts detected, and for counting the number of risers/errors. These counters are displayed and are user-resettable, and they can be set up to trigger the IMPAX RLM's two relay outputs, a warning light, or other logic. PTG, Inc. has developed technology to detect rising and spiraling parts ("risers") on thread rolling machines. The new IMPAX Riser Logic Monitor uses a unique monitoring technology and detector probe to identify costly risers and spirals in thread rolling processes. It can also track production and riser errors, stop the thread rolling machine when errors are detected, and automatically sort out any suspicious product. The IMPAX RLM eliminates risers before they contaminate a batch of good parts or cause tool damage. The IMPAX RLM uses a special riser detector probe. When a part rises in the die, the probe sends a signal, triggering the module to register a riser and stop the machine. The module can be easily retrofitted to work with an existing monitor or installed as a standalone protection device. Its adjustable base can be mounted on virtually any flat-die or planetary thread roller and will detect any size of (ferrous) blank. Cost-effective riser detection is easy with the IMPAX RLM! The Riser Logic Monitor is available in two configurations: it can work as a standalone monitor, registering and diverting risers, or it can work with IMPAX or IMPAX-SK monitors to detect risers and alert the operator via the process monitor’s display screen. Detected risers can also be tracked and counted, to indicate any quality trends in parts.

Riser Detector Probe

N/A The micro-adjust probe can be set up to detect any size blank