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IMPAX TSS-6 Monitoring System

The IMPAX TSS-6 offers downtime analysis and production monitoring in an easy-to-use touch screen system. The TSS-6 automatically collects information on production totals, machine efficiency, and accumulated machine uptime and downtime. All occurrences of downtime, and the corresponding reasons, are tracked and archived. This system is available in a vivid color or monochromatic 6" touch screen display, either mounted in a NEMA-rated enclosure, or flush mounted into a control panel.

Machine Efficiency Monitoring

The TSS system is capable of collecting critical process data from virtually any machine that runs in a manual or automatic mode. This includes cold headers, thread rollers, stamping presses, screw machines, injection molding machines, multi-slides, spring coilers, forging presses, assembly/insertion machines, packaging and printing applications, drills/taps, saws, and more. The system analyzes and displays the machine's run condition and other information. In the event of a machine/process stop, the unit automatically converts to downtime entry mode. Operators must select from pre-defined downtime reasons in order to restart the machine, so all downtime information is accurate. The touch screen interface displays a summary of downtime occurrences and minutes for each downtime reason, uptime and downtime minutes, productivity, tool and maintenance counters, and machine efficiencies.

The TSS-6 tracks: Click here to view more information on Screens and Features (PDF)

Networked Data CollectionIMPAX TSS-NET Software

As a standalone monitor, the TSS-6 collects complete and accurate data and stores it for review. As part of a networked data collection system, it can also deliver accurate, real-time data to a computer or database. A networked PC running the TSS-NET Software provides easy-to-use and powerful analysis tools for collected data. Shop-floor data from the TSS monitors is transferred into a database program for further evaluation and report generation. Please see the TSS-NET Software page for more information.

Remote Access/Remote Control

With the new Remote Access ability for IMPAX TSS monitors, you can view machine status and uptime/downtime remotely. You can view each TSS's screen from any computer on the network, and take control of the TSS if needed. For more information, see the IMPAX TSS Remote Control Demonstration.

Recommended with

Unit of Measure

Data Tracked


N/A Production counters Order Counter Tool counters (9) Maintenance counters (9) Scrap counter Counts tracked per shift and day Counts tracked per job, part number, and operator

Efficiency Tracking

N/A Production efficiencies Time efficiency Quality efficiency Feed efficiency Efficiencies tracked per shift and day Efficiencies tracked per job, part number, and operator

Uptime/Downtime Tracking

N/A Uptime and downtime tracking Operator response time tracking Times tracked per shift and day Times tracked per job, part number, and operator

Downtime Reason Tracking

N/A Up to 64 downtime reasons Reasons customizable for each machine Multiple reasons allowed for each down occurrence Optional machine run lockout until reason entered Downtime occurrence log

Job Tracking

N/A Job, part, & operator numbers tracked Job data entry/job change screen Operator log-in screen Pending parts entry All counts and times tracked by job, part number, and operator

Historical Tracking

N/A All data tracked according to customizable weekly shift schedule All data also tracked by day, week, month, and year

Monitor Features

Touch Screen

N/A 6" TFT Color or monochrome 320 x 240 resolution

Bilingual/Additional Language Support

N/A Screen can be dynamically switched between languages English and Spanish translations available

Additional Features

N/A Two-way messaging between TSS units and PCs Embedded/online operator instructions


N/A RS 232/422/485 Wired Ethernet Wireless Ethernet

Available I/O

N/A Digital inputs (for sensors and inputs) Digital outputs (for display/feedback)


N/A Passworded access to secure screens Separate passwords for operator, manager, and engineer levels of access


N/A NEMA-4 rated enclosure Mounting options include flush in panel, yoke, swivel, or pedestal


N/A Standard 110V AC on dedicated circuit