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IMPAX TSS-3 Monitoring System

The IMPAX TSS-3 offers downtime analysis and production monitoring in an automatic system. The TSS-3 automatically collects information on production totals, machine efficiency, and accumulated machine uptime and downtime. All occurrences of downtime are tracked and archived. This system comes with a small touchscreen interface, resulting in a more affordable monitor with a limited feature set.

Machine Efficiency Monitoring

The TSS system is capable of collecting critical process data from virtually any machine that runs in a manual or automatic mode. This includes cold headers, thread rollers, stamping presses, screw machines, injection molding machines, multi-slides, spring coilers, forging presses, assembly/insertion machines, packaging and printing applications, drills/taps, saws, and more. The system analyzes and displays the machine's run condition and other information. In the event of a machine/process stop, the unit automatically converts to downtime tracking mode. Networked data viewing and collection software can display a summary of uptime and downtime minutes, productivity, and machine efficiencies.

The TSS-3 tracks:
  • Production totals
  • Process efficiencies and OEE
  • Machine Uptime and Downtime
  • Historical data
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Networked Data CollectionIMPAX TSS-NET Software

As a standalone monitor, the TSS collects complete and accurate data and stores it. As part of a networked data collection system, it delivers accurate, real-time data to a computer or database. A networked PC running the TSS-NET Software provides easy-to-use and powerful analysis tools for collected data. Shop-floor data from the TSS monitors is transferred into a database program for further evaluation and report generation. Please see the TSS-NET Software page for more information.

Recommended with

Unit of Measure

Data Tracked


N/A Production counters   Order Counter   Counts tracked per shift and day

Efficiency Tracking

N/A Production efficiencies Time efficiency Feed efficiency Efficiencies tracked per shift and day

Uptime/Downtime Tracking

N/A Uptime and downtime tracking Operator response time tracking Times tracked per shift and day

Historical Tracking

N/A All data tracked according to customizable weekly shift schedule All data also tracked by day, week, month, and year

Monitor Features


N/A RS 232/422/485 Wired Ethernet Wireless Ethernet

Available I/O

N/A Digital inputs (for sensors and inputs) Digital outputs (for display/feedback)


N/A NEMA-4 rated enclosure Mounting options include flush in panel, yoke, swivel, or pedestal


N/A Standard 110V AC on dedicated circuit